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About Paton Uniforms
Founded in 2003, Paton Uniforms prides itself on an impressive, technologically sophisticated textile production house staffed by a team of accomplished seamstresses, tailors and specialized tradespeople. Managed by principals keen to produce the highest quality at the lowest cost, Paton’s boutique-style manufacturing operations, receive orders with no minimums, shorter lead times and top quality.

Paton boasts a custom garment manufacturing service that can produce according to clients’ specifications. We also have a private-label program, whose in-stock apparel features classic, staple pieces ready for made-to-order branding. Paton enjoys the unique distinction of having direct control over the quality of both the production process and the finished products.

A Tradition of Innovation
Paton is among the first apparel manufacturers in the world to allow direct manufacturer to end-user ordering. Integrating technology at every opportunity, Paton develops and constantly improves its proprietary Enterprise Manufacturing program, which ensures maximum efficiency and flexibility while still being respectful of a well-constructed garment.

In an effort to offer emerging designers a platform to bring their products to the marketplace with quick turnaround, Paton implemented the specialty fabrics program. This platform offers trending fabrications that can be custom dyed, ultimately minimizing the designer’s risk of having to order in large quantities.

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